June 28, 2010



Do you ever stop to buy lemonade from local neighborhood kids selling treats and drinks?

I do. I think it is sooooo cute. Not only that, but it shows kids early-on how to manage money, be a go-getter, and to be hard working. I have to support that.

{Sometimes I don’t stop. It depends on who is screaming in the car at the time. The toddlers—or me.}

In fact, the other day I stopped at a table where 6 boys were holding signs no bigger than a sheet of paper. I had no clue what they were selling. I stopped anyway, seeing how excited and desperate they were to make a dime. Honestly, my hands were tied. Either I could continue driving forward using one as an inconvenient speed bump, or I could park half-way into the road as they jumped around, waving frantic arms in the air and shouting for the passersby to stop.

“Whatcha selling?” I asked.

“Kool-Aid,” one shouted.

“Rocks,” blurted another excitedly.

“Shark teeth,” said another.

“My sister’s used make-up.” {Naw. I’m making that last one up. I just expected it at this point.}

“Shark teeth?” I asked. The little boy comes up and places jagged rocks in my palm. “Wow,” I say, “those are so...impressive!”

So at an expensive $1.25 a cup, (6 boys, they have to divide the loot.) I see the reason for their inflated prices and order 4 cups of Kool-Aid, 5 rocks, and a shark tooth to go.

I drive off, smiling as they count their money ecstatically.

This is what summer is all about--kids selling lemonade.


So, I’m driving to Costco and minding my own business when I drive past a fancy green and white striped booth. It’s a lemonade stand. Sitting behind it was—

Are you ready for this?

*Add dramatic pause*

A twenty year old!!!!

Laughing out loud, I swing the car around again. I had to take another look! There he was, wearing fancy shades, leaning back in his chair sheltered by the awning and sitting comfortably in the shade…selling lemonade.



I stop for kids because it’s about principle and it’s so dang cute. They light up, they laugh, and they’re working hard for all their littleness. Really—we stop because it’s NOT about the lemonade. For an old teenager/twenty year old, it’s—dare I say—lazy. And double creepy.

And you know what? He’s out there. Every day. The sight just takes me off guard and I can’t help but giggle every time I see him. I don’t think he’s unstable or anything, he looks normal, so I think he’s just looking for easy cash. I didn’t have the guts to stop—for fear of laughing my head off while he poured me a glass of Kool-Aid while I dropped $.50 cents in his hand.

*Wiping hysterical tears away*

Would you have bought a glass? Do you think there should be an age limit?

It definately was a hilarious sight. My lemonade experience is now complete. :)

*photos courtesy of rockinghchairwisdom, dialogoffashion, senses.thirdi.com.*


MommyMert said...

I dont buy it from kids... so no way from an adult. HA!

AnnieAd said...

I saw him, too! Handsome guy - strange career choice! Actually, it's just weird.

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I would expect a teen to be selling veggies or firewood. AT least that is what my teens do, they would not want the little bit of money a lemonade stand would bring in.

Kayli Sue said...

I remember my lemonade selling days! We actually had a kid bring out his daddy's gun on us because we wouldn't give him a free glass... True story! He shot it in the air but thankfully we got inside and our parents called for the police. Seriously the kid was like 10. I always stop at the lemonade stands now to make sure they have a better experience than I did!

Anonymous said...

If I have the cash and I know the family, then I will stop for lemonade.

But... an adult. Um, not gonna happen.

Heather said...

My first thought of the guy selling lemonaid is he's doing it for a charity, but there would be a sign or something right? He's an undercover cop or FBI agent? That is weird!

tammy said...

That is hilarious - both what the little boys were selling, and the 20 year old!

My son really wants a lemonade stand. I think he could do well since we live on a golf-course. Hmmm....maybe I should be the one with the stand...

Amy said...

Wow, not sure how I feel about an adult selling lemonade?? Like you said, kind of creepy. You'll have to tell me where so I can take a gander myself. So funny!

Heather said...

I love this blog!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Wow - cute, and creepy for sure. I don't often stop at kid's lemonaide stand - usually on a time crunch and 20 min late to everywhere....but I NEVER would stop at the creep-show stand. ugh.