June 24, 2010


There is a reason why I tend to stick to writing. I am not a scrapbooker, a very artsy kind of person. I use to be--way back in the day. I use to draw, compose songs, I could envision the music I created in my head and the instruments I would assemble. (August Rush anyone?)

But styles change, people change...which is probably why I don't do much anymore and venture outside my usual hobbies of now writing, photography, and home decorating.

There are so many dang creative people out there! Seriously! I need several more exclamation points to get my point across!!!

When I read Jordan's blog, it was a fantastic idea! I yearned to be creative again. I admit I wish I had thought up something so clever. Summer boredom is kicking in for my kids and I have been HUNTING for things for them to do. I am now headed down to Walmart and buying a cheap $15 digital camera. (Do they make them that cheap? I guess we'll find out.)

If you want to see what all the buzz and creative ideas are stirring over at Jordan's neck of the woods, check it out HeRe!!!

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