August 12, 2010


Sheer. Utter. Genius.

Those words make up the entire brilliance that is Jordan's post.

Check it out. Seriously!

I know you all have your "fairies". {don't deny it.} At our house we have the "cold foot fairy", the "nameless fairy"--fairies who come and will leave a treat under my 4 year old's pillow EVERY morning if she can manage to stay IN HER ROOM ALL friggin' night LONG. {And cover her feet so she doesn't get "cold feet" during the night.}

However, since Jordan posed the question, I could use a few more creative fairies around the house.

Oh, like....

"Take-away-the-terrible-two's" fairy, or the "whisk-away-sassy-mouth-preteen" fairy. Or the "never-have-to-be-pregnant-the-stork-will-bring-you-your-child-and-leave-it-on-the-doorstep" fairy. And why not "Datenight" fairy? Where is SHE when I need her?!

And my ultimate dream fairy would be:

"take-away-my-husband's-gas" fairy.

If you feel you can relate, walk over to Jordan's blog and read her funny post!


I always need a good laugh...

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