August 23, 2010


My family and I took a small vacation over the weekend. We drove great distances over flat, barren, and sightless land that stretched out as far as you could see in any direction. There were mountains in the far distance, but between our car and those mountains, sagebrush, prairie grass, and a cow or two.

Oh, and then there was the occasional house built on desolate earth with no trees around it, but a car always parked there.

Which always brings these questions to mind:
A—What do they do for a living when there is no farming pastures or a city within hours?
C—who was their real estate agent and why did they buy the land and build?
D—Again, WHY???!!!!

So, as we drove across miles of nothingness, we saw this sign:

Um…..? We shared a big laugh. Sure enough, there was a parking lot with surprisingly—NO cars in the lot. The possibility of such an activity was WAY too rambunctious for our crew.

I tell ya, those tumbleweeds and cows were riveting.

As we continued to drive, it was bound to happen. Someone had to go to the bathroom. We drove into the next small town. When I mean small, I mean population of 3. As in: 1 person and 2 sheep.

We saw this sign off the highway and we desperately followed it.

Funny thing about small towns….we came upon their “PUBLIC RESTROOMS”.


The chainlink fence around it adds a really nice touch! It makes it feel more "private".

Don’t you love the humor of small towns?

And yes, my husband and kids used it.

Of course I took pictures! Wait…er…not of them doing their business….uh…I meant…of the surrounding edifice…..

*awkward silence*

Anyway, I opted to hold for however long it took until we got to our destination. {Like you wanted to know that.} I tend to get a little squeamish. {Okay, I’m a germaphobe!}

Don’t you love the archives of photos taken on family vacations?! I’ll always remember our public restroom stop. :)


Jess said...

Awesome "public bathroom" facilities. Beats doing it on the side of road, especially when there is no where to hide while you...uh...squat? Go? Make?

Guys are so lucky! LOL

AnnieAd said...

In Egypt I had to use one that was so bad I stuffed paper up both nostrils just so I could go inside!
[yes, someone took pictures]

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered, myself, how and why people choose to live in the middle-of-nowhere. And, I've always been a firm believer that if a town doesn't have a McDonald's, WalMart, or both... it basically is not really a town but a hovel :)

the public restrooms... good gravy, where were you??? I would have cried, then puked (blame it on the pregnancy), then cried some more :)