September 17, 2010


The pantry closet.

Why is it such a hard thing to keep those four horizontal shelves so tidy and organized??? Why must there be empty wrappers, scattered cereal bits, mismatched items not grouped together (Like cereal boxes on seperate shelves. A no no in my house. I like my cereal boxes ALL on one shelf.)

Do you get discouraged like I do when you go to your pantry and things fall out and you get attacked by rabid potatoes the moment you fling that door open?

Do you dread hearing the crunch of something under your feet as you walk in and don't care to look down and see what it was because it doesn't matter because YOU will be the only one who will clean it up anyway? {Whew. Take a breath.}

Do you have cans on different shelves? Chip bags open and growing stale as we speak? Do you wish you spoke Chinese rather than store the noodles?

YEP. Hold on to those broom, ladies, it's not Halloween yet! Jordan has come up with some wonderful organizational tips to make your pantry sparkle like soap suds washing the grim off your car--which has nothing to do with your pantry. It was just a great analogy.

Tune in to Jordan's mini-series which she ingeniously calls:

Close your eyes and say the word. SANITY. What a good rhythm.

Let's chant it.




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MommyMert said...

I just wish I had a pantry. :)