October 16, 2010


Did you know a child's bed has phases?

I didn't either--at least, I didn't know what they called it. I won't even post pictures because only Jordan can capture the true essence of what REAL LIFE is. Um....can I say this is my life x's 3. Yes 3. Only 1 child actually stays where they should the whole dang night. {Miracles DO take place!} The other 3 end up where Jordan's kids end up--only not on my side. I put too much "fear of the mother" in them and they take refuge to the far side where Dad is.

Check out the funny pictures over at Jordan's place!


jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

I have this awesome idea. You need to move in next door to me.

See? Wasn't that the most awesome idea EVER???

I'll even help you unpack. :)

Oh, and bring you beverages of you choosing.

jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

oops 'you' is supposed to be 'your'

I just get so excited to hit the publish comment button that I forget to proof read!