October 25, 2010


I love Halloween. It's on my favorite list next to Christmas. I love the excitement, the decorations, the morbid treats you can make, the impossible ideas for creativity.

I wanted to share some favorite links of mine for the upcoming holiday. For a great laugh, check this out!

And if you want to laugh out loud this morning, check out this one.

And because I'm a loser who forgot to upload the rest of my pictures, Kraft Foods have some of the coolest ideas for dessert and dinner ideas for Halloween. I couldn't pick just one. I love to prepare a menu ahead of time. I find that if I make a cool and creepy dinner, my kids tend to eat better before they go trick-or-treating. Just type "Halloween" in the search engine and you will get pages and pages of ghoulish ideas!

And just because I'm curious, what are your kids going to be for Halloween and do you plan to dress up with them?


Amy said...

WE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Halloween time too......in fact can't wait for you to see the kiddos costumes! I think I'm such a dang push over because Taylor is seriously the creepiest thing EVER!!! Why oh WHY do I allow these things......oh I know, because he's a boy and it's Halloween! Can't wait to see your kiddos too! Woo Hoo!

MommyMert said...

Alexa is a witch this year, Jakob will be Batman and RAchel is a Jack O Lantern. Want to visit? I could use one.

jacs said...

We love Halloween in our house, too. I am not a fan of the guts and gore that some people enjoy...but the kiddie friendly cutsey stuff is super fun. Our girls are going as a Care Bear and a piggie. Daddy is going to be a serial killer (because it does not require dressing up...they 'look like you and me' is what he says) and I am going as a cereal killer cause I think I'm funny like that. :)

AnnieAd said...

I think you should post your 'Octomom' costume. It was good enough to win the prize at Camelot [and there wasn't even a division for adults to participate!]