November 02, 2010


My 7 year old has a knack for saying the funniest things--things that tend to be said that are 'off the wall'.

This morning my husband woke our two kids, 10 and 7, up for school by serving them breakfast in bed and blaring the radio to a pumping song in their bedroom.

My 7 year old woke up instantly and cried,
"WAHOO! Breakfast in bed? Awesome! And I love this song! I love it when it's this loud, it makes my boobies bounce!"

What the??? You're 7!!!! Hahahahahahahaha.

*Wipe tear*

This has to be the best part of raising kids--listening to all the funny things they say and journaling them!


Heather said...

She ment Booty...NOT boobies! I love bisquick! She's hysterical! And send your hubby over to my house, I want breakfast in bed!

AnnieAd said...

It might be funny to ask her what she thinks boobies are!

Jill said...

you soooo need to journal it! i have on my kids. its fun to go back and see the funny kids stuff! hmmmm . . . about that music . . . could it be considered excerize? if so, i need it! lol