January 24, 2011


Will. I fell in love with that name. I bonded with my baby Will and envisioned his blue eyes and blonde hair and sweet temperament.

Only….Will turned out to be a SHE.

Adjustments had to be made.

Will is now Willma. :)

Yep—we’re having another girl! That will be four girls, one boy. {My husband jokingly asked the ultrasound tech for a second opinion.}

So, my only son will now grow up caged in by 4 sisters. At least for the future he’ll have firsthand knowledge of female hormones, mood swings, the definition of hell, tripping over a plethora of ‘girly’ shoes, and why moms buy chocolate in bulk at Costco. :)

{He'll have the girl version of the 'don't ask, don't tell' method down solid!}

He and his dad will have LOTS of ‘guy’s nights out’. They will have tons of time to bond on weekend camping trips, eating my hubby’s camp food, belching and passing gas without 5 females getting after them. Yes, the mountains will be their retreat. And they are going to need a haven of safety in ten years when ALL my girls are in full-blown puberty. If I were them, I’d begin planning an escape right away.

My poor boys….seriously, I just laugh when I contemplate the future with a houseful of teenage girls. I wonder if my hubby will have room in that tent for one more…? Can I hide too?

I can deal with gas.

I’ll bring the chocolate.

I’ll need to have a 72 hr. kit on hand. Not just any 72 hr. kit—one for special emergencies—one that has to be replenished monthly. Stocked with chocolate, Nutella, graham crackers, donuts, Cheesecake Factory desserts, cash, emergency cell phone, plane tickets, and Milky Way candy bars; ready for those future monthly moments when I need to flee.

Can you imagine our—how do I put this? Our sanitary napkin supply cupboard? There’s going to be a small dent in my hubby’s wallet every month, and the chocolate cupboard will need to be expanded.

And - the locks on my bedroom door will need to be reinforced with a fail-safe 12-lock system, complete with digital keypad and retina recognition.

At least when my son marries—if he decides to marry—he’ll go into that marriage with a full understanding of how a woman ticks—completely prepared with brand new camping gear that can withstand -32 degree polar temperatures.

It will no doubt be a wedding gift from his father.


IASoupMama said...


We're done with the twins I'm carrying now, but they're both girls -- three girls, one boy for us. I did gently remind my hubby that when our son leaves for college, he'll be home with three teenage girls and a menopausal wife. He said, "Then I'm going to college, too!"

We haven't told anyone, so shhh!! but one of our twins will be a Willa :)

jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

If I lived closer, I would have put a big ol' sign on your garage. You'll just have to settle for the big ol' sign on my blog. Congrats chica!!!! And I look forward to hearing about all the female adventures.... ;)

Rachel Sue said...

Hahahahahahha! I love it. I only have 2 girls. So my 72 hour kit wont' have to be quite so large as yours!

Nance said...

"...and the chocolate cupboard will need to be expanded."

You could always go with Willow. My son is a Will and he is friends with a boy with a girl cousin named Willow so my son always ends up getting called Willow by him.

Emmy said...

Congrats!! And this post is awesome. You know, I bet he will end up being an awesome boy that all the girls like as he will be forced by that many sisters to know how to treat a lady :)

Anonymous said...


There are 6 girls and 1 boy in my family. you know that sanitary napkin closet... it was more like a master suite!

But seriously, your son will probably end up being the most kind-hearted, understanding husband any woman could ask for. Having sisters helps guys be awesome ;)

Heather said...

I love the name WILLOW!! Better then Willamina :P. Just think our brother was at the tail end of 3 girls, and our sister in law said she was all prepared to train him and break him in.....and she had to do nothing. He takes 5 min. showers, knows not say that wife looks a little bloated each month (weirdly around the same time each month), has "yes dear" down flat! He also has 3 girls and for those reading this the first two are identical twins! So he's WELL broken in!

Jess said...

Congrats!! I have the opposite way. 3 boys & 1 girl & she is very girlie. WHICH I LOVE!!! :D

Wishing your husband & your son....good luck with that! LOL