January 29, 2011


From going to my daughter's maturation program, {fun}, to planning my 8 year old's Birthday, her party, her baptism, and getting things organized/arranged for various other things under my responsibility, I completely forgot to highlight and plug Jordan's post! Argh! I hate when I do that.

But seriously, head on over and check out her resolutions for 2011. They are very insightful and chock-full of good ideas. I especially like this one. Seeing that right now I can't exactly exercise and I must focus on healthier eating. It's just so dang simple.

Also, I just want to thank all our blogger friends that come and visit. We love you guys and the friendship and associations we have with you all. The world is still full of great and wonderful people! :)

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Rachel Sue said...

We are just moving into the whole birthday/party/baptism phase and I totally get you.