April 04, 2011




Some people just have a knack for it. Their juices get flowing and they can envision things others only dream about.

Take Jordan for example. She is the one who designed and completed my blog makeover. She widened margins, widened the text, made new buttons and header…It would take me a lifetime to figure out the HTML codes to do a 1/3 of what she accomplished in one day.


She designed ALL this—in. One. Day.

So a big shout out to her and a huge THANK YOU! It looks soooo much better!

She also has a knack for being super creative around the house. For instance, she made these:

And these:

Feel free to drool over the bags. Makes you wish you had taken a sewing class in high school instead of home ec {where you hoped you would be fed during school because you were always hungry and dreamed of making cookies and getting an easy “A”} instead of threading a sewing machine and jamming the thread without cussing, right?

So it made me think. How am I creative? Surely I have some mad skills lying dormant. Then I realized, I can be creative too…just in different aspects. Like….

I can paint….

I just happen to cut corners. No one will notice, right?

I can never move from this house.

I like to leave love letters for my husband to find. On the mirror.

I like a decent challenge. The Asians use chopsticks as an alternative to silverware; I like to see how our family can eat without CLEAN silverware.

I have created my own version of earplugs to tune out the kids during the day.

 Ipods are soooo overrated.

To give myself a 5 second head start when outrunning my children—especially if I’m on the phone—I throw chocolate chips on the floor. And then let my kids scavenge for them like an Easter egg hunt.

Oh! Have you ever been late getting the garbage out to the curb on time? Have you ever had to chase the garbage truck down? This creative trick works like a gem to catch the garbage truck’s attention!

Who needs a garden gnome? I hang my kids up outside for decoration instead.

I am no different than any other mom out there who threatens their kids into behaving. Instead of taking away privileges and toys, I just threaten to feed them to the all-powerful Mayan garden snake.

OR - - I feed them ‘Mexican macaroni and cheese’ as punishment…

Speed cleaning. You know when you’re given only 2 minutes to clean your whole house before company arrives? I stuff whatever I’m holding into the closet.

 Even underwear.

I just never offer to hang up their coats. The creativity comes with finding an excuse as to why my hall closet is out of order. Well, duh. Because it’s under wear and tear. Literally. ‘Underwear’ and tear….

Ha Ha Ha H…..

This post just goes to show those—like myself—who think they aren’t amazingly creative, of course they are! It just comes in different aspects.

But other people may not pay for our services… :)


AnnieAd said...

I like the new look of the blog. Great job, Jordan!

kayli sue said...

I have been struggling lately with not feel like I am at all creative. Thank you for helping me see it in a different light! I suddenly feel creative in my own special way!

Angela said...

You failed to mention your creative writing talent. You are amazing. Hope you are feeling well.