January 17, 2012


My husband came home with this funny story--and I want to share.

He had a mom and her two kids walk into the clinic to be seen. Any time you bring kids--it's bound to get interesting. This is why I don't take kids. Unless, they are the ones who are sick.
Or we wait for daddy.

And frankly, to be honest, I'm not a brave woman. I would rather call in professional help (AKA my mommy or MIL) before I dare venture the doctor office, store, or any facility where I must take 5 kids on my own.

I. am. a. wimp.

Think what you want, but I am proud to wallow in the pool of pathetic and deseperate.

ANYWAY--as I was saying,
This brave woman came in with her 2 adorable kids. 3 and 7 years of age.
Before my husband could start the exam, for whatever she had come in for,
the 3 year old little girl asked him, "Dr. H? Can you pick up my mom?"

My husband nodded. "Of course I can," he smiled.
That for some reason, seemed to stump the little girl and she pondered on that.

Whereupon the 7 year old boy immediately voiced his awe. "Wow! Can you pick up an elephant?"

I have giggled at this all day long. Don't take this the wrong way--it's just the cute, innocent things our little kids tend to say...and at the wrong times.

Why is that?



Anita said...

That poor mother!!! But that is very funny!

Angela said...

So true how kids say the wrong things or funniest things at the most inopportune time. Got to love them. Hope you're surviving your kids.

Kayli said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious. Sometimes, children being honest isn't a good thing!