July 02, 2012


Heading to Bear Lake, Utah soon. Love that place. I have yet to see a bear...

No complaints!! :0)

They have the best chocolate dipped raspberries! Bear Lake is known for their famous rasperberries. Honestly, I plan our vacation every year--making sure we head to Bear Lake every summer so that I don't miss out on their chocolate covered rasperberries. (Sad when you plan a vacation around chocolate--but it's THAT good!)

There is this tiny shop connected to the pizza parlor in town. IT'S WORTH A STOP. Everytime I walk inside, I've walked into chocolate heaven. I usually walk out of that shop having spent enough to fund the tiny town through the slow months of winter from my purchases of chocolate alone.


They don't put wax in their chocolate, so it melts the second you touch the chocolate. My hips and thighs protest, but I make sure my daughter takes the front seat so I can sit in back and give my love handles room to expand across the backseat. 

How did this whole post turn to chocolate?

It's probably our family's favorite yearly vacation. The water is shallow--perfect for kids--and it stays shallow for at least a mile out. There's small waves, seashells, warm and great sand, it's like a mini ocean. But the perks are--it's shallow, warm, I don't have to worry about my kids getting sucked out by a freak wave only to battle a riptide and then get eaten by sharks. 

See. Perfect.  

Bear Lake regulars: Do you know of any great haunts or fun places to go? Is there a shop or great place to take the kids? We stay in Logan and I'm unfamilar with that city too. Any fun or great places to take the kids while in Logan?

May 29, 2012


Something I have always struggled with--is my hair.

My hair and I have never been friends. Never. I remember as a kid, hacking it all off (to my chin) because I thought that would be the solution to getting better hair. The idea of starting over.

It's hard to style fine, limp hair. Fine hair is one curse. Adding limp body--is an extra punch I could do without. I wish there was some method of thickening it up!

And then I see all these cute girls with beautiful curled hair. I know everyone has a different technique, so I'm curious (okay, desperate) how does one get those big, huge curled locks?! The kind that doesn't look to have been used with a curling iron.

And one secret I learned, is how important it is to use the right kind of hairspray on your hair. Some hairsprays hold like a rock--while they make products designed for fine haired girls, like myself, that give you the freedom of movement where others hold it stifly. Sexy Hair has a product called Smooth and Protect for straight hair--and that is awesome stuff to use if you suffer with fine hair.

So now I'm on a mission to figure out how to get body for my hair and how to get huge curled locks! It's pathetic to be my age and STILL trying to figure out how to style my hair. You would think at my age, I would have figured it out by now.

Has anyone else struggled with this too, how to manage limp and/or fine hair? Have you found a method that helps you? Is there a curling method that you've found that works great?

May 19, 2012


Never say Never.

That is a lesson I "never" took to heart. Or learned....



Fact #22 about me: I am a sucker for cute faces...and puppy dog eyes. In little puppy faces.
With bad-smelling puppy dog breath...

Not the best picture, but say hello to our newest family members--Clover (or Chloe, on the right) and Minion (or Mini, on the left)

I swore after my horrible last dog, (which we got rid of after it chewed up our sprinkler hoses, dug holes, destroyed 7 trees, ripped out the grass, ruined the molding along the door frames, bit my children 3 times, hard enough to break skin, ruined shoes, peed on everything, need I go on? And that dog was kennel trained!)

 I swore I would never ever ever never NHEVVVERRR buy a puppy again. That last puppy was the dog from h#*%$!

But things change. I did my research and now...we are the owners of two puppies! King Charles Cavaliers.

I'm insane.

I won't lie. It's like raising twin newborns. (We even get up in the night every 3-4 hours to take them potty!) As if my year-old baby wasn't enough hands-on busy time...

It's a long story, but we both thought it was time for another dog. We just didn't plan on 2.

Yeah...that's where I come in. My bad--but honestly look at their sweet faces! How could you say no!?

Okay, I thought of at least 7 reasons to answer that no as I typed that---but I--(insert sing-song voice) I am not listening! :)

Sucker, sucker, sucker. That's what it boils down to.  :)

May 07, 2012


Just started this! EEEK! I hate waiting--it's been a year!
Anyone else caught up in this awesome trilogy? I've heard this is better than the first book.

I can't wait to see Tris and Four kick some butt in this.I think this series just may rival the Hunger Games.

If you can't get a hold of me dear friends and family, I'll have my nose stuck in a book. I'll only be taking breaks to change diapers and to go pee. Everything else is on hold. ;)

May 04, 2012


My husband and I invited some dear friends over for dinner and they brought the most amazing bread!

It's an indian dish that they serve with curry vegetables, soups, etc. I didn't know what to expect. But I was eager to try.

I inhaled.

It tasted like homemade scones. I ate in heaven.
Bread is a weakness of mine, truth be told.

Anyway, I scoured the internet and found this recipe from Allrecipes.com

I'm planning on making navajo scones tonight and this will be the scone I'll use. Give it a try. You won't be sorry. It is one of the best things I have put in my mouth.

Here's the link: