August 30, 2008

Harry Potter Muffins

I feel very proud at the moment! I feel so domestic, like a shut-in housewife should feel- (I suppose, after getting over the hysteric realization that 4 kids under the age of 8 really do keep you jailed-in and under house arrest...)

I ventured out and made from scratch- homemade zuchinni muffins. Give me a second to pat myself on the back....

Happily pulling the muffins from the oven, I let them cool just a few minutes before popping them out of the pan and calling my 5-year-old to the table to share one with me. She loves muffins and so she came running, singing as she came.

She took one look at the muffins and her song came to an abrupt end- the sound would have compared to punching Shirley Temple in the stomach- Her big eyes widened in horror and she shouts, "EW, EW, EWWHHHAAA!"

I was quite surprised by this reaction. The conversation is as follows, allow me to demonstrate.

ME: "What's the matter honey? You like muffins. Go ahead, eat it."

5 year old: "EW MOMMY! YUCK! I don't want a muffin any more."

ME: "Honey, why not?" (I am so perplexed)

5 year old: "It's so gross! I don't want one!"

Me: "Sweetheart, you LOoOVE muffins. I made these from scratch, which means you are being spoiled at the moment- they didn't come from a box."

5 year old: "No mommy!" she wailes, "I hate THESE muffins!"

I am completely baffled.

ME: "Honey- I've never made these before. They're new!"

5 year old: "I don't want a muffin. YUCK!"

Me: "Take a bite. Try it, you'll love it," I say to convince her.

5 year old: "No!"

At this point I can't believe I am actually trying to convince her to eat a muffin. You would think I was trying to feed her antifreeze.

Me: "Sweetie, just take one bite...."

5 year old: "No!" she shouts, crying hysterically, "I don't like these muffins! I don't want booger muffins!"

Me: "Booger muffins!?!"

I am laughing uncontrollably at this point. "Sweetheart," I gasp, "these aren't booger muffins! I wouldn't make booger muffins! Sick! They're zuchinni muffins!"

5 year old: "No they're not! I'm not eating them!" she wails again.


Finally, after I can collect my breath...."Honey, I wouldn't dream of making booger muffins from scratch. Mommy doesn't know how to make Harry Potter muffins! Gross!"

(Could you imagine gathering the ingredients for that? Ugh. Give me a minute. The mental picture is bringing on a round of convulsions...)

After unsuccessfully trying to convince her, she never came within inches of those muffins. Even my 8-year-old eyed the muffins warily and refused to take a bite. So, I happily ate the whole pan myself. The presentation was beautiful- though I have to say, in the eyes of a child- It does look like booger muffins. I still love zuchinni muffins, even though it creeps me out a little, I have to admit, but it doesn't keep me from eating them.

I will never see zuchinni muffins the same way again!


tina said...

I LOooOveEEE "Harry Potter Muffins"!! Next time I'll sit down and enjoy some of your "Betty Crocker" moments with you...
...I do feel your pain, my kids see anything green and that is their reaction.

Mertgirl said...

Oh, sorry I didnt realize that you are Martha-ising yourself these days. :) Good old booger muffins! Excellent. We eat those a lot at our house. She would starve. LOL My muffins arent the vegan, tofu, kind though. hehe.. yeah, i think I am funny.

Heather said...

I don't think I'll eat another "green" muffin again without thinking what that green stuff really is. I think your daughter is getting your imagination! She's just as funny as you! Harry potter muffins? I didn't know harry potter made booger muffins, or are they just booger FLAVORED muffins...hmmmm....