October 26, 2009


The world has had great moments.

There have been accomplished people in this world who have gone down in history for doing something great. For example: Michelangelo, Di Vinci, the Roman Empire, the inventors of disposable diapers, chocolate, ipods, and child-proof doorknob attachments. (Which can also be adult-proof….)

However, there will forever be people who cut corners and still make an iconic impact.

Like those who built the Tower of Pisa…

Or the people who installed this ATM machine….

Or those who cut corners by building great driveways like this…

You would need to have good bumper-to bumper insurance, but talk about a sledding hill! Seriously, how would you shovel this thing?

Or making odd sculptures..

I have no comment.

And this lovely, thrilling piece….

It’s called ART people! Okay—so the sculptor probably cut a few corners by rolling everything into a giant ball, then celebrated by having a few too many drinks…(AFTER the sculpture was finished—not before.)

And how could we ignore this "piece" of work?

The artist was probably thinking, “Okay, I’m done. This carving thing is too hard! What did I get myself into? I know! I’ll just throw a block of granite on his head and call it good. The world will call it art!”

Maybe, this is where they got the term, “BLOCK HEAD.”


*huge gulp of air*


I’m so lame.

Moving on....

Then there is this one:


Someone actually painted their wall WITHOUT taking down their picture first! Talk about cutting corners! “I’m too lazy to take down the picture—I’ll just go around it because I have NO intention of EVER moving this print. Ever, ever.”

It’s okay to cut corners sometimes, right?



It definitely should never have been done in this case.

“What if we ever wanted to move?” My husband pointed out.
I stared at the wall.

Yep. The dork cutting corners, was me. I was repainting the wall last weekend and I had just taken down our picture. I suddenly remembered what had happened. Several years ago I had just had a baby and well....it looks like I got lazy. I'm sure I promised myself I would go back someday soon and finish that little patch behind my painting....

It was obviously not a priority.

My husband and I laughed (laughing AT me—not with me) as we stared at the wall.
What was I thinking? Seriously! What if I wanted to rearrange the house or something? What if we DID move? DUH.

Double DuH.

(I would “triple duh” this—but there’s no need. The “double duh” trumped every other Duh because my little stunt was pretty dumb.)

I was repainting anyway, so there was no need to worry about that outline. When I was finished, we’d have a freshly patched wall without frame lines…right?

This is the finished product now that I have completed the painting job.

Take my word for it. It actually looks better in person. However, if I don’t point it out, I think it might not be very noticeable, right?

Well, my painting that hangs in the hallway is FOR SURE staying there forever and ever.

I think I “painted myself into a corner” with this one!

HAHAHAHA Ha ha h.....



Becky said...

Hee hee. The finished product looks great!

MommyMert said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! That is freaking awesome...definitely worth me telling you I laughed really hard. love you.

AnnieAd said...

Hey - Home Depot now sells paint that includes the primer! who knows, it might work. Actually - just hang the picture back up.

Christie Gardiner said...

Okay, this one made me laugh hard.

Jess said...

I love it!! Way to be economical girl!!

The freshly repainted room looks great btw!

Natalie said...

Hilarious! I haven't been by in awhile and glad I stopped in to read what you have been up to. You are cracking me up. I mentioned you on my blog as one of my favs!

tina said...

I wonder what is going on behind the rest of your pictures?

I do like the finished wall though.

Amy said...

You are one talented little lady, how about coming to my house and helping me out!!! Hope you guys have a happy Halloween, your girls looked DARLING at the church party!