October 30, 2009

Jordan's Street


I love it. I LOVE this season. This weekend will be filled with happy kids, trick-or-treating children in their costumes, an abnoxious amount of candy, Mommies and Daddies sneaking their kid's halloween candy, and of course--eulogies to Mr. jack-o-lanterns everywhere!

Oh, yeah. People have them everywhere. For me, I just toss and clean up after its mess on the porch, ready to replace with Mr. Turkey. HOWEVER--for an appropriate disposal to your Mr. Pumpkin, CLICK HERE for the Jack-O-Lantern eulogy by Jordan.

And don't just click above to get the best R.I.P trashcan tribute, click on her site to get the cutest ideas for cheap, inexpensive Halloween decorations, and treats that you'll want to make tomorrow!

One word of temptation: CANDY CORN BARK

okay, that's three.

BUT--this is the edible stuff--no trickery here. May I tempt you with chocolate, white chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and of course-- CANDY CORN!!

So, are you feeling a little devilish? Check it out HERE!!!


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