October 23, 2009

Jordan's Street

Mothers, let us unite.

Let us all share something in common. How many of you have allowed your kids to fall asleep in your bed?

How many of you have done this because you're just tired, worn-out, exhausted, low on energy, fatigued, dog-tired, bushed (I'm going for the record of the longest written sentence EVER. Allow me to look up more words from the Thesaurus.) drained, spent, pooped (haha. Inside joke, check out Jordan's post here!), overtaxed, beat, overworn, jaded (that one was good!), frazzled, fagged (I am pretty sure I WILL NEVER use that one to express how tired I am), tuckered, knocked out, and clapped-out. (I've never heard that one before....pat me on the back, I learned something new today!)

If you feel like your want some bonding time, click your mouse HERE to read Jordan's step-by-step stick-drawing tutorial. You won't be disappointed! How many of us can draw stick drawings with our mouse?! I can't even do that with pencils and pens! Maybe with crayons, but nonetheless, she has a true talent!!

Have a great weekend!

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