February 05, 2010


I'm embarking on a new journey. Seeking knowledge and adding a little meaning into my life, I could use a little more insight, right?

What better way than by turning to a cookie.
(Forget the psychic, I'm using fortune cookies!)

I cracked one open....

Allow me to share the little morsel of wisdom it delivered:



This is a reminder that the weekend is upon us. I'm not talking about grocery shopping, although I could use some more chocolate covered almonds from Costco....

Jordan just posted. I don't know about you, but I love to learn more about people--even if it's my own cousin. I had NO IDEA someone named a horse after her!

Walk on over, you'll find a bit of "kiss and telling" going on over at MMA!

(And if you're new here, MMA isn't a 'Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Club'.)

Can I just say I love, LOVE, L-O-V-E Jordan's initials for her blog! It's soooooo awesome!


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Rachel Sue said...

Mmmmm. Chocolate covered almonds. . .