April 01, 2010


"Oh. My. Heck!"

(That was for y'all western state dwellers, like myself.)

It doesn't matter how many plugs I do, I can't keep up on all of Jordan's giveaways! This giveaway is perty special. (Does 'perty' have one or two "t's" ? I need to freshen up on my cowgirl accent....or learn one...)

Jordan is the giveaway queen! (Well, for the Mean Mommy team anyway. And I just nominated her as Queen Freebie! But shhhhh! She should use that title discreetly--if you know what I mean. *Wink, wink*)

I've eaten a lot of sugar today. It's messin' with my brain. Nothing new. My new hair color is doing a mighty fine job with that. Again, why do I continue dying the roots blonde? Oh, yes....it's so that I can be understood excused for my dumb behavior. Like now.

Check out Jordan's giveaway here! Who knows, maybe next week she might give away something like, Oh, I don't know say--used tubs o' butter. The Hydrogenated-Oil kind.


*photo courtesy of google.

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