June 18, 2010


YAY! Our little garden gnome princess has returned!!!!

If you're thinking that I'm talking about tacky lawn decor, you are sadly mistaken! I talking about my vertically challenged cousin who has been MIA while fighting evil wizards (previous tile company who did a crappy job, forcing them to chip away old tile), knights in shining armor (good, reputable tile company, installing new tile), and our gnome princess even managed to throw in a few 'mission impossible' assignments in there. (Jumping on counters, climbing walls, swinging from the ceiling fan, shouting out Tarzan's mating call--ALL to make a bowl of oatmeal for her rumbling tummy.)

Word on the street says she's been hiding out at Subway and Cafe Rio. (Shhh....I have reliable sources.)

Should you see her, go give her a warm hello. For the rest of us who can't seem to track her down, CLiCk HeRe to catch up with her latest stalwart adventures!

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