February 11, 2011


Okay, so, every week I plug a 5' tiny garden gnome princess called Jordan. And after a while, you have probably thought to yourself, "Who IS Jordan?"

First off--she is my cousin.
Second--I can tell you with absolute certainty that if the women's department sold She-ra lingerie--she'd buy it. ;)

So week after week, you only read and see a glimpse of who Camryn and Jordan are. Blogging friendships are formed, we all drop in and visit each other and leave fun comments, but in the back of your mind you have to be thinking....


I'm still trying to figure that out too--but JORDAN has posted a wonderful glimpse of herself for blogger readers to learn more about her. We girls thrive on details, don't we?! I always like to know more about somebody--so tune in to see if Jordan really applied # 12 in her life.

And for the record....I may have used that one too. But she exercises more restraint than I do. I find myself "slipping" from time to time. Kids can bring that...side out in me. ;)

So today, we pay tribute to JORDAN. Because she is one hot mama!!

And it may be small, but I want to token her with the:

Yes. It is the master of Karate and friendship award. Is Jordan a true ninja? No. But her true little She-ra heart years to be. And if they offered She-ra karate class at the local studio on Main Street--she would be their master student with killer skill who would have defeated She-ra's arch enemy Hordack 10 times over by now.

So feel free to tune in to learn a bit more about the woman we call: JORDAN.

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