March 10, 2011



Beautiful, beautiful and brilliant post. Not only have I been battling that 'little voice' inside my head this past month and mentally beating myself up as my body changes, swells, and triples the size I am use to, I needed a good dose of perspective.

I found it here.

The beauty in being pregnant is--that I can. And that I am. There is life within me. Although it's a temporary change, I'll have something for the rest of my life--and in the next. There will always be a part of me for generations. A legacy, one I will leave behind, my own mark upon the world, and it wasn't done by worldly success. Childbirth and childrearing is the true meaning of success--something the world cannot give but what you give into it and make it better. The changes I am facing is but a small sacrifice when understanding the bigger picture.

Are you wrestling with that 'little voice' inside your head? Do you find yourself trying to drown out the voices that tell you that you aren't doing enough, that you aren't pretty enough, or whatever it may be? It takes effort and courage to step outside ourselves, our problems, and what we're going through to truly see life....and to celebrate the beautiful.