March 21, 2011


You know, pregnancy is a beautiful thing. But I am anxious to be done. :)
Two more months. Two more months.....

Aside from the typical demands most moms and wives do, it's been hectic taking care of sick kids and getting them caught up in school work. And this past week, I had a freakish accident and my ear drum shattered. Again.


Now I'm deaf in one ear. Super annoying. Last time it took 6 months before I could hear again. On the bright side, when the baby is finally here, the sound of her cries won't be so intense, right? Maybe I'll be the one who is sleeping through the night, unaware...hee hee...

I can't help but contemplate what little kids go through when it happens to them. It's the most painful thing I've gone through myself...aside from giving birth. But at least they can give you an epidural to numb the pain. ;)

But funny story--on Saturday my husband and I went out to dinner. I just happened to sit with my deaf ear to the waitress. As I was ordering, she was staring at me funny. I looked at my hubby and he leaned in and said, "She can't hear you."

Wait. Who can't hear who??

But it's true. I can't hear myself. I can't explain it but everything sounds so loud in my head, like my voice when I speak, so I have no idea how loud or quiet I am. So as I ordered, the waitress kept looking to my hubby to confirm what I had said. Seriously, she looked so annoyed with me I swore she was about to bring out an interpreter and break out the sign language. It was funny to me that she continued to talk very loud and very slow to help me understand.

I was tempted to talk back to her very slowly and slur my speech a little--just for dramatic effect, but I held back the impulse and continued behaving like an adult instead of a prankish teenager. Truthfully, I didn't have the guts. I wish I did--I would have loved to bookmark her facial expressions....

Anyway, don't forget to tune in with Jordan. She always has something fun going on over at her corner. :)

Have a great week everybody!


IASoupMama said...

Oh, so sorry about your eardrum... Mine has ruptured with ear infections and, unlike an accident, the result is instant relief. As in I can remember crying with relief the last time it happened (I was 23). No more pressure, only icky drainage.

I've got five weeks to go and am really starting to feel it. Soon there will be babies!!

MommyMert said...

Ouch... but haha! Come visit me?

jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

Huge frowny faces!!!! Serious?! This is not cool- but good call on the not hearing cries during the night! Way to be positive.... ;)

Get better!! Love ya chica!

Chance's Mom said...

I just hate it when that happens. Really. I have been able to hear in only one ear before and it drove me crazy.
Here's to a quick recovery!